Patricia Clark Slimming Wrap

A fantastic treatment for instant inch-loss results, Patricia Clarke Inch-Loss Body Wraps come highly recommended as an accompaniment to a course of Accent Laser Lipolysis to combat water retention in addition to fat deposit reduction.

  • A visible and measurable centimetre loss in just 60 minutes
  • Reduction of cellulite and fading of stretchmarks and dimples
  • Detoxification – leaving you feeling lifted and cleansed
  • Patricia Clarke is for men and women

All you need to know about Patricia clark Slimming wrap

Patricia Clark is hypo-allergenic gel containing 27 different plant extracts including Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Ginseng, Seaweed, Horsechestnut, Fennel, Horsewrack,St Johns wart, Cypress, Lemonine, Peppermint, to name a few. The gel also contains strengthening, diuretic, healing, firming and toning liposomes, and establishing properties which maintain the contours of the body helping avoid a spongy appearance

A series of six wraps is strongly recommended:

  • One to two wraps per week are recommended depending on your personal goal
  • Its success is due to the properly formulated suspension of specially selected elements and plant extracts which compliment each other and act in synergy to bring about 18-80 centimeter loss in 90 minutes


Full body wrap R500
Course of 6 body wraps R2,750(-10%)
Course of 12 body wraps R5,100 (-15%)
Patricia Clarke Contour Gel 250ml R400
Knee Pants   (SSS-XL) R397
Knee Pants (XXL) R410
Knee Pants (XXXL) R424
Shape-Up Shorts   (SSS-XL) R397
Shape-Up Shorts (XXL) R410
Shape-Up Shorts (XXXL) R424
Contouring Health Belts   (S-XXL) R367
Body Shaper (S-XXL) R367
Body Shaper (XXXL) R377